The Camas Hotel
A Surprise Discovery!
by The Camas Hotel Staff on February 24th, 2018

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​​In the heart of nowhere, I took the plunge to stay in this place. It was kind of late and I still did not decide where to book a hotel for the night. I was almost in Washington state but I was driving. My GPS kept telling me via my screen to pay attention of my driving. I finally decided to just stop and google search for a hotel. I had an idea of a hotel but was not sure if its far from Columbia River Gorge. I planned to hunt for waterfalls the following day. I was unlucky for my first stop for waterfalls. Klamath Falls is a city and not a waterfalls (lol!). It was raining and I thought I was still in Oregon. I should have known that I was near Seattle because of the rain. So, I  decided to book for one night at Camas Hotel. I said to myself, this better be a good choice. I never heard of this hotel. With my fluency of the Spanish language, I said how could I be wrong,” Camas” in English means “beds”. I hid a chuckle and continued on my journey. It was dark when I took my exit towards the address. I saw this quaint little town with nice-looking buildings and plenty of cute restaurants. I was kind of happy and excited. I did not know where to park though. It was a small place but it seemed like a lot of people decided to stay here for the night. Finally a parking spot near the hotel. I liked what I saw when I entered the check-in area. The hotel was like a bed and breakfast than a hotel and I like it better. The manager was polite and friendly. She was giving me direction to the parking lot and I was like where? Took my room keys and prayed that I will find it right away. I was tired and hungry too. I am so bad with direction. Thank God, for the GPS! It was a farther up but it was not bad. It was drizzling a bit. Walked back to the hotel. Took a flight of stairs and voilà!  I was delighted to see this cozy room which by the way is also breakfast nook. It was just in front of my room. I really like the ambiance. Simple but inviting. It has character. Oh, before I forget, breakfast is also included with my booking. It was really affordable. I entered my room and it was beyond my expectation. I thought I was in a 5-star hotel. It was in a small space but the arrangement was  meticulously detailed as comfortable and enjoyable. I just loved it. I forgot about my tiredness and just clicking my camera. You can see for yourself with the attached photos. But, I was hungry. Went downstairs and asked for recommendations for a take out. I walked around looking for the  restaurant and I realized I really don’t know anything about Camas Washington. So, i went back to my hotel room with my food of course and saw the book about the history of the city. Camas in short was a paper mill factory town founded in 1883. The name was derived from camas lily, a plant  which is most prized by the Native Americans. Camas Hotel was named after the city, I presumed. I have to borrow the description from their website because I could not say it any better. ” CAMAS HOTEL – “The Camas Hotel is a small historic hotel located in the heart of downtown Camas. Camas is a delightful town with interesting  shops, restaurants, spas & salons and is home to Lacamas Lake. Downtown Portland and historic Ft. Vancouver are minutes away, as well as the majestic Columbia River Gorge. We think the Camas Hotel is the perfect spot to unwind and relax, and  an excellent base to explore the region”. It is a historical boutique hotel and has a European-styled rooms. The Camas Hotel is the oldest (100+ years old) commercial building in Camas, Washington. To know more about the hotel and things to do in the city of Camas, please click the link,
Come and experience the hospitality of Camas Hotel in the heart of Camas City Washington. Needless to say, I really enjoyed my stay here. I highly recommend this place.  Safe travels everyone. #travelon #lifeisanadventure #mygypsylife #beautifuldestination

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